Jun 8, 2013

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A Poll of the Xbox One

A Poll of the Xbox One


A recent poll on the Xbox One was posted on GameFAQs for their poll of the day, and the results were quite interesting. The poll asked “Do you own an Xbox 360, and do you plan to buy an Xbox One?” The findings were spread out variably except for two that stuck out.

For those that answered “Yes and no, I don’t plan to stick around this time,” a staggering 35.46% in favor of that answer. This is what I would have personally voted myself, as based on what I have see from the Xbox One so far, it has not convinced me to even pick up the system at some point down the line.

The only other answer that stuck out from the group was the choice “No and no, Microsoft hasn’t won me this round,” at 41.5%. This answer itself makes me wonder the users browsing the GameFAQs website, perhaps the majority of the users are PS3 or PC gamers?

4.19% answered “Yes and yes, I’ll be sticking with Microsoft in the next gen.” I suppose you would have to be a really hardcore Xbox fan for that answer? Not sure.

The 15.28% that answered “Yes and maybe, I’m not sure I’ll move up to the One,” are perhaps ones that Microsoft should be concerned with, convincing them with games are maybe even changing the online policies, as well as the used game policy as well.

What do you guys think of the Xbox One? Do you want to purchase a console? Why or why not?

[Source: GameFAQs]