Jun 7, 2013

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Seven EnsenaSoft iOS Titles Available For Free In Limited Time Promotion

Seven EnsenaSoft iOS Titles Available For Free In Limited Time Promotion

Starting today and lasting until Monday, June 10th, the independent developer and publisher EnsenaSoft is holding a promotion. Available for the low price of free are seven of EnsenaSoft’s best family-friendly iOS titles. Below is the list of titles complete with a small description of each game.

Barnyard Mahjong 2: Around the Farm



Featuring addictive gameplay for the entire family, this brilliant game introduces barnyard-themed tiles that are placed on 3D planes that you rotate around structures to find the matching tiles. With a “down on the farm” theme, and lots of fun animal sounds, you and your entire family will enjoy hours of fun as you eliminate all the tiles from the board.

Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes


Tiles are placed on 3D planes to create structures which you can rotate around, and zoom in and out on, to find the matching tiles. The game comes with 84 original puzzle layouts and all puzzles are laid out with random tile orders so you can play them many times.

Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed


Featuring a suspenseful supernatural detective mystery theme, each puzzle in the game is made up from words that wrap around a 6 sided box with the
words going left, right, up or down. Each side of the box has 7×7 letters and there are 24 words to discover in total. Many words wrap around sides and can be in reverse, and large words can even wrap around 3 sides of the cube! With more than 84 English word categories and puzzles that are created from random words from a larger category word list, and laid out by a sophisticated random positioning algorithm, you can re-play each puzzle many times without it ever being the same!

Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2


A fun and energizing way to play mahjong solitaire while learning English letter- and number-recognition and pronunciation at the same time! All of the letters and numbers are designed with an eye-popping robot monster theme and placed onto brushed metal tiles. The metal tiles are placed into floating structures which you can rotate around to find the matching tiles. Featuring 4 highly unique robot laboratories, each containing 21 unique puzzle layouts that are laid out using random letters and random tile orders, this refreshing take on the classic genre will entertain you forever!

Letter Land Mahjong 2


Players are invited to partake in a fun and relaxing game of mahjong solitaire while learning English letter- and number-recognition and pronunciation at the same time! Letters and numbers are designed with a happy pastel colored theme and placed on light wooden tiles. Replay value is guaranteed as the game includes 4 highly addicting ‘letter lands’, each containing 21 unique puzzle layouts that are laid out using random letters and random tile orders! Ideal for children looking to learn English at the grade school level, as well as adults with English as their secondary language!

ABC Coloring Town


This game is unlike anything your child has seen in the past! Best experienced and played by using a tablet, this easy-to-use and intuitive title takes players through a fantasy village of 26 houses, where each door features a letter that is pronounced when tapped. Beautiful graphics and wonderful effects keep the young ones immersed as open doors takes your child to the ‘picture coloring mode’, where fill- and draw-tools are available and ready to use! The coloring mode also includes a palette of 16 colors. Each picture is related to an English word that starts with the letter on the door, a word that is also illustrated as an outline allowing your child to fill and color those as well!

Balloon Blowout


The balloons have escaped and it is your task to pop them before they all get away. You can drag them into groups and get extra point multipliers for popping balloons of the same color before popping balloons of another color. The balloons come with many crazy faces and there are special balloons that give extra powers. Featuring 45 puzzles with popping points and star system goals and an exhilarating super survivor mode that lets you play as long as you can last. Who knew that popping balloons could be so much fun?!?

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