Jun 6, 2013

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Warframe: Coming to PS4 with Looks that Kill

Warframe: Coming to PS4 with Looks that Kill


Ever thought about samurais or gunslingers in outer space? If so, you might want to take a closer look at Warframe, the upcoming free-to-play online action game that will make a worldwide debut at E3 next week on PS4. That’s right, the game is no longer exclusively for PC. According to creative director Steve Sinclair, developers have been hard at work to “wow everyone who gets their hands on it at E3!” He also goes on to state that a “1080p Warframe is smooth and beautiful. Like kids with new toys, playing with the PS4′s toolbox of goodies has our minds spinning with design ideas…”

To refresh your memory in case you have not had the chance to give this game a go, Warframe revolves around Tenno, “warriors of blade and gun: masters of the Warframe armor” who were preserved in cryopods for centuries after an old war.  Now in a time of need, these skilled soldiers will be rescued from this frozen state to combat new armies recognized as The Grineer – an army that aims to exercise power over the entire solar system. Players will have the ability to choose between three Warframes to play as at the beginning of the game, each with a unique set of powers. Of course, as you progress, more Warframes will become available for purchase! Still on the fence? Check out a preview on the PS4 below and be sure to select the 1080p HD quality option:

YouTube Preview Image

From what I’m able to deduce, Warframe is promising in terms of graphics and minute character details such as armor design. The unique armors donned by each warrior are what naturally sets them apart yet developers have not skimped out on intricate patterns to achieve a great preliminary depiction of texture and flexibility. The sound effects illustrate no such skimping either especially when each attack is allotted its own tune. Whether a target is sliced or frozen in place, the combination of graphics and sound makes the preview for PS4 a solid one.


Sinclair goes on to elaborate about the Alerts system that notifies players about new missions throughout the day. Such opportunities encourage co-op play that promises “stellar rewards.” How will one receive these alerts? Developers have created “an iOS and Android Companion App called the Warframe Nexus. Players can customize their alert settings to show them only the missions and rewards they’re interested in, and while it’s very useful, it’s only the beginning for the Nexus.” Definitely a dream come true for those who have always wished to be called up for unexpected missions as they relax in the comfort of their homes.

Tell us what you think about this future PS4 release and be sure to tune in to E3 next week for the live demo!

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