Jun 6, 2013

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Microsoft Details Xbox One’s Used Games and Always Online

Microsoft Details Xbox One’s Used Games and Always Online



After all this wait, it finally time, Microsoft has announced it policy for both Always Online and Used Games.

Always Online

Lets get the bad news out of the way, Xbox One will require an internet connection, the system will require to connect to the internet once a day in order to play games, DVD’s, Blu-Rays and TV will work without this requirement however. If you are playing a game round a friends house however on your account, you will need to connect to the net once an hour in order to play games. Look like a gaming party could be coming to a early end if a friend’s internet cuts out!

Used Games

This is a bit confusing so I will explain the best way I can, a disc copy of a game can be traded in, but if what i’m reading from the Microsoft site is correct, you will only be able to trade in at certain retailers. Which means if the retailer near you are not a participating retailer, then your out of luck. You can also give your game to friends to play as well, there are two requirements however, they are required to be on your friends list on Xbox Live for at least 30 days, so if you lend it to a friend who don’t have Xbox Live, or forgot to add you onto their friend list, they won’t be able to play. You can also only give it to a friend once, so if you let a friend borrow it, they give it back, then you decide to give them the game at a later date, again, out of luck.

Here the part that interesting however, game publisher can op in or out of being able to trade in games. Let’s give a example here: If EA decides on Mass Effect 4 (No, it not a real game) to op-out of the used games scheme, then that game can’t be traded in, no matter what, ouch.


I’ll put this in simple terms, Kinect has to be plugged in, but it does not have to be on. All Kinect functions in the OS can be controlled by the controller. This was a huge worry for me, as a disabled gamer who can’t use Kinect, it great to hear that it is only a optional feature.

This finally clears out some foul air gamers had about the system over the past few weeks. Now let us all no longer worry about these questions and focus on Microsoft’s E3 Conference, which takes place 10AM PDT/6PM GMT on Monday! Vivid Gamer will of course be live blogging from the event.

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