Jun 5, 2013

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The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition Back In-Stock?

The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition Back In-Stock?


The Last of Us embargo just lifted today and reviews have been, well, outstanding; probably the best reviewed game of the year so far just ahead of BioShock Infinite. If you missed out on the Post-Pandemic Edition (for $160), which apparently sold out in February, GameStop has seemingly brought it back in stock.

Going to GameStop’s website you’ll see the option to add the Post-Pandemic Edition to your cart. I was able to do that as of posting this article and I’m going to assume that you’ll be able to as well, at least for the time being. There’s no information about backordered and in fact says usually ships in 24 hrs. Check it out here, even if $100 is quite a bit to spend on a statue, it could end up being a great collectors item. And those who missed out on the exclusive item before, looks like you have a second chance.



Thanks to Vic for the tip.