Jun 5, 2013

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Prime World: Defenders Now Available on Steam

Prime World: Defenders Now Available on Steam



The tried and true tower defense formula has grown a bit stale over the years since its massive surge of popularity with the Flash game Desktop Tower Defense in 2007. Fortunately, Nival Games seeks to inject a burst of life into the genre with the release of Prime World: Defenders, now available for download on Steam.




Prime World: Defenders turns all of its many fantasy-themed units, towers, spells, and traps into a bevy of upgradeable, collectible cards, with more earned after every battle. Adding an element of resourcefulness to things, the cards you get post-mission are randomized, meaning gamers must plan for every fight according to their current deck’s strengths and weaknesses in order to succeed. It also guarantees that every player will have a unique experience during their journey with the exiled treasure hunters of the campaign’s story. Gamers can expect to use every ounce of wit and strategy they’ve got to overcome the hordes of goblins, nagas, and other villainous monsters come to break through their carefully planned defenses.




As if the addictive RPG elements weren’t enough, Prime World Defenders also features its own mission generator for an infinite amount of randomly generated maps for the tower defense lover. Already having earned fairly glowing praise from multiple websites during its beta launch, Prime World: Defenders certainly packs more than enough content to justify its $15 asking price. Give it a look on Steam, because those monsters certainly aren’t going to thwart themselves.

[Source: Nival]