Jun 5, 2013

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Play Starcraft 2 Multiplayer with Friends for Free

Play Starcraft 2 Multiplayer with Friends for Free


Blizzard just announced the Spawning feature for Starcraft 2. This feature was first used during the Warcraft 2 and original Starcraft days. This feature enables friends who didn’t purchase the game to play with someone they knew who did have a copy.

Present and new players who don’t own the game or have the most up-to-date content can now access almost all features of the Starcraft 2 multiplayer.

For instance, if someone who has a Starter Edition of Starcraft 2 partied up with a friend who has the Wings of Liberty edition, the player with the Starter Edition now has access to all the Wings of Liberty units in multiplayer as well as access to the Arcade, custom games, AI games, and team ladder games. The same goes for Starter Edition or Wings of Liberty players, who party up with the more recent Heart of the Swarm players. The Starter and Wings of Liberty edition players would then have access to the Heart of the Swarm units.

The few features that are limited from the Starter Edition through Spawning include the story campaign, groups or clans, and 1v1 ladder games. Starter Edition players are also currently limited to the Terran race at the time this article was written. In celebration of this new feature, Blizzard has created a portrait and achievement that players gain from playing with ‘spawned’ players.

This is a great move on the part of Blizzard to bring in people who are “on-the-fence” about the franchise into the fold. The huge access of the multiplayer features is enough for most current Starcraft players to be happy with. Now that all this content is available, will you be joining the war between the Terran, Zerg, and Protoss?

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