Jun 5, 2013

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Jagged Alliance Online Hits Steam Today

Jagged Alliance Online Hits Steam Today



Good News, the online turn-based strategy game Jagged Alliance Online hits steam today. The game sees you aiming to become the ultimate mercenary in the world, using any form of tactics to do so.

The game features two modes, the solo campaign pack can be bought from the Steam store, and features a full solo campaign for you to tackle. This sees you tackling many different missions; over 80 to chose, which should see you with over 100 hours of gameplay. The deal gets better, however; there is a full PvP mode that can be downloaded from Steam. The best part of this is that it completely free to download. Below are all the features the game has to offer.

PvP Features:

- Build your company from 40+ mercenaries with unique attributes.

- 500+ weapons and items, and crafting to improve your weapons and armor.

- PvP leaderboards, skill-based matchmaking, and tournaments.

- Compete in Warzone events for rare weapons and items.

- Form alliances with players and compete as a team.

- Transfer of PvP rewards into the single-player campaign.

Campaign Pack Features:

- 80+ PvE missions with over 100 hours of gameplay.

- 50+ unique enemies and bosses.

- Complete challenges to earn Prestige.

- Take on Prestige contracts for even greater challenges and ultra-rare

- Use your PvE company in PvP matches.

The game is available on Steam right now, so be sure to give Jagged Alliance Online a download today. Remember, the PvP version of the game is completely free to download!

[Source: Cliffhanger Productions]