Jun 4, 2013

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Ajapa the Tortoise Racing Across the Wild Kingdom

Ajapa the Tortoise Racing Across the Wild Kingdom


OlatundjiWorld announced yesterday that the Portal-inspired 2D tortoise-paced puzzler title, Ajapa the Tortoise, would be making its way to iOS devices soon.

Ajapa the Tortoise looks to be a creative new look at a puzzle-platform game. As you would guess playing as Tortoise is going to put some limitations on your movement. Your adorable character will move across the levels in short bursts of seemingly slow motion dashes before he loses his balance. I recommend keeping track of how many times you say awe through this game, the number may surprise you. Both the game play and visuals are inspired by another very popular plat-former Rayman, the level designs will also be accompanied by the award  winning sound effects of  Vince Webb and Tapio Liukkonen. Expect to use your character’s slow paced movements to your advantage to give you time to decipher the levels obstacles and how you will get Ajapa around them.

Keep an eye out from Ajapa the Tortoise  to be racing his way to iOS, Android, Blackberry, & Windows 8 quicker than you might think.

[Source: Coatsink]