Jun 1, 2013

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Class of Heroes II 101: Starting Out

Class of Heroes II 101: Starting Out
Class is now in session at Class of Heroes II. We at Vivid Gamer present to you the first in a series of gameplay blogs for the latest JRPG dungeon crawler for the PSP/Vita. We will discuss enrolling students and accepting the first few quests at Crostini Academy.
When you first load up a new Class of Heroes II game, you are greeted by a young female student named Olive. She leads you to the office which is where you can create, or enroll, new students as well as set up your party of six members. Though it is not necessary to create any other characters, the character creation process is definitely worth giving a shot. You can expect to put in quite some time if you are the type who wants to see all the different race/class combinations. Unlike the first Class of Heroes, the artwork is unique for each combination. 
You have ten different races and fifteen classes to choose from. Some classes are only available if the right requirements are met. This includes choosing the right alignment (good, neutral, evil) and having at least a certain number of points in one or more stats. Though the set stats for each race is usually good enough to choose the novice class, you are able to assign bonus points to boost your stats enough to unlock the rest. Bonus points are randomly chosen and range from 6 points to the maximum of 60 points. If you’re like me and want to get the most possible points for your characters, you will be resetting the creation process a lot. Don’t expect to get anything over 30 within your first few tries unless you’re super lucky. 
After you get the amount of bonus points that you are fine with, it is time to move on to naming your character and picking out which gender you want them to be. This is likely the easiest part in creating a new character. When it comes time to choose a race, there are a few things to you need to know. Not every race will have be compatible with one another and having a good Affinity level among your party is very important. Affinity is very important for raising your stats upon leveling up. The higher your Affinity, the better your stat changes will be. Having a really low Affinity with a character can hurt the progress a character. 
Once you are finished with that, you get the opportunity to assign those bonus points to the six stats. If you are preferring to have a warrior or other physical-based class, your main goal will be to put as many points as possible towards the Strength stat. For a sorcerer or other magical-based class, focus on Intelligence and Spirit is needed. You are only able to assign a maximum of ten points to each stat. Each race also has a class that it is best suitable for. An example would be the Bahamun, whose high strength stat makes it a good fit for the warrior class. Or how the sorcerer class is best assigned to the Gnomes, Elves, or Diablos. Both the human and Felpur races can handle all the possible classes.
status screen
So, you got your character or set of characters enrolled and placed in your party. Olive now takes you on a tour of the campus where you meet students, teachers, and the rest of the faculty. The one main room you will visit when you are not off exploring the dungeons is the library. It is here that you can see what quests are available and which ones you have completed. An important thing to remember is that as you progress through the story, quests that you haven’t accepted will disappear. This might not be much to worry about for those who don’t care to get 100% completion. At this moment, we have a few different quests available. Some require you to collect items either from enemies in the dungeons or from the shops within the local towns. Others might need you to find and take on an enemy. 
There’s the bell! Stay tuned with us as we bring the next part of our gameplay blogs for Class of Heroes II. Your homework is to comment below with which race/class combinations you hope to use in your party.