May 31, 2013

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The Last of Us Demo Details

The Last of Us Demo Details


While some gamers are still trying to download the demo, we were able to at least get to the download screen before the crash and here’s what we know about The Last of Us Demo that unlocks with God of War Ascension. You can read it from the image above but here’s the main details:

  • The demo is 132 MB
  • Takes place on the Outskirts level
  • The level features Joel, Ellie and Tess
  • You’ll encounter Runners and Clickers enemy types
  • You can explore the surrounding environment to search for items and objects to fend them off with
  • (update) Once downloaded and installed you have to sit through another install screen when you load up the demo. Takes about 15 minutes.

The demo might be available to download now as at least the PSN store is up and running, for now anyways. Be sure to check back with us for the Full Demo video and our impressions of the upcoming naughty dog title.

The Last of Us Demo Gameplay Video

YouTube Preview Image