May 31, 2013

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Shelter Now Available for iOS and Android

Shelter Now Available for iOS and Android


Shelter a collectible card dueling game by the one man indie game development team from Survivalist Games is now available on the Apple AppStore and Goggle Play Store. Set on a graphic novel artistic background, this zombie collectible card game is meant to play as a hybrid castle defense title mixed with card dueling.

“The inspiration for Shelter comes from the desire to combine the complex, rich and engaging gaming mechanics of collectible card dueling games with the simple accessible game-play of the castle defense genre.”

Shelter is a single-player card game where you build decks to battle against zombie decks controlled by the AI. The AI plays based on a set of simple rules but dice rolls add an element of chance to it as well. Your goal is to fend of waves of zombies before they get to your shelter (get it?).

As you play through the game you’ll receive new cards to add to your deck and eventually you’ll be able to pick and choose how you want to fend off the wave of zombies. Do you want to build more guns into the deck? Use some crowd control cards or cards to reinforce the shelter? There’s multiple ways to play the game and it’s up to you to build a winning deck.

Here are some of the Key Features of the game:

● Deep but accessible game-play. Easy to learn. Hard to master.
● More than 100 game cards.
● Integrated deck builder for deeply customisable play.
● Graphic novel & comic inspired hand drawn artwork.
● Compelling story and characters.
● 5 Campaign levels including a free roaming level (with more to come).

Shelter is out now on the iTunes Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store and yes even Windows phone store. Check out the gallery below for screenshots from the game.

Update: unfortunately due to some bugs that are causing crashes with some users the game has since been pulled from the iTunes and Google Play Stores. The game is still available via Amazon and of course Windows phone. Here’s the message from the developer. It’s a shame too because this game definitely has some potential. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the game.