May 28, 2013

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New Hellraid Screens And Questions Answered

New Hellraid Screens And Questions Answered


A month ago, we brought you news of Techland, the developers behind the Dead Island series, working on a new title called Hellraid. Techland brings us new screens as well as answers some questions about their upcoming title.

What is Hellraid?

We’re calling Hellraid a first-person co-op slasher. We invented this genre to
capture the idea behind our game, which blends elements of classic hack & slash
titles with a more advanced combat system based on timing and precision, RPG’s,
shooters and multiplayer games into one unique experience seen in very immersive,
first-person perspective.

Will gamers experience Hellraid only in co-op? What is the main difference between
playing solo and in co-op?

Hellraid can be experienced both in single-player and in co-operation. While playing
solo you explore the world, complete quests, gather loot and develop your character.
In co-operation tension rises when you struggle to achieve mission goals while
competing with your friends for points granted for each kill, team-plays and
automatically generated challenges throughout the game.

What does the gameplay in Hellraid look like?

In Hellraid you travel between levels using a web of magic portals. Each level can
be played an unlimited number of times to complete the story campaign, side quests
and to defeat forces of evil with friends while competing for experience, points,
rewards and places on leaderboards. During the game players can use a variety of
melee, ranged and magical weapons. Combat is expanded with a set of unique active
skills for each character class which gives the team additional tactical
capabilities while searching for treasure, completing objectives, avoiding deadly
traps, fighting the hordes of enemies and boss battles.

Will gamers be able to develop their characters, or customize the weapons and armor?

Each of the four character classes available in Hellraid (Warrior, Mage, Paladin and
Rogue) will have their own skill tree that can be developed during the game. Along
with that players can customize their weapons using an advanced crafting system or
change their combat capabilities and appearance with armor that can be bought in
shops, traded between the players or found during the game.

Who or what is Game Master?

Game Master is a complex system inspired by pen and paper role-playing games that
makes each play through of Hellraid a different, completely new experience. In
co-operation mode, Game Master carefully selects competitive challenges for players
and awards the best ones at the end of each level. It changes where and how you and
your friends complete quests, placement, numbers and types of enemies you encounter
as well as deploying treasure chests and loot.

Will Game Master work in single-player as well?

Yes, Game Master will alter the experience in single-player the same way it does in
co-op but without the competitive challenges which are unique for playing with your

How long is Hellraid and when it will be released?

Thanks to Game Master and the varied experiences that it provides, Hellraid will
give players hundreds of hours of pure fun. The game will be released in 2013 for
PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Stay tuned as we keep you posted on more news for Hellraid.

[Source: Techland]