May 23, 2013

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Natsume Announces Four Mobile Titles To Be Available At E3

Natsume Announces Four Mobile Titles To Be Available At E3


Yesterday, Natsume announced that they would be presenting four mobile titles that will be available at their E3 booth. They are two new entries in the Gabrielle’s Ghostly Grove series, a new Reel Fishing entry, and an all-new Natsume IP called Ninja Climb. Details about each iOS title are below:

Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack (all iOS devices)

Gabrielle has a problem on her hands… A zombie problem! A battalion
of zombies has suddenly appeared, making it hard for a girl just
trying to live her “normal” life in Monsterville. Luckily, these
zombies are weak to mandrake plants! Therefore, you’ll be chucking
mandrakes at the zombies to stop their advance! Can you help Gabrielle
with her corpse conundrum? Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack will be ready to
terrorize players in the next two months, and will be free to download
via the iTunes Store, with optional in-app purchases.

Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense (all iOS devices)

Grandma Greta’s just whipped up the tastiest deserts this side of
Monsterville, but the sweet-smelling snacks have brought forth an
unforeseen enemy: Humans! Entranced by Greta’s goodies, the humans set
forth to get their hands on them themselves! It’s up to Gabrielle and
her friends to put a stop to the hungry humans! Gabrielle’s Sweet
Defense will be free via the iTunes Store about a month after E3, with
optional in-app purchases.

Ninja Climb (all iOS devices)

A band of ninjas were on a secret mission to infiltrate a castle and
steal its treasure. They got the treasure, but when they tried to
escape through a moat, it turned out to be a trap! The water level
around the moat is rising fast, and the ninjas must find a way out
before the water catches up to them!

Build your tower by placing falling and rotating blocks on top of each
other. As you build, your ninja will climb the tower, but watch out!
Don’t accidentally trap your ninja so he can’t climb up the tower, and
make sure they don’t meet their demise in the water below!

Reel Fishing Pocket (all iOS devices)

Natsume’s world-famous Reel Fishing series continues on iOS! Now the
world of Reel Fishing is available right in your pocket! With many
kinds of fish to catch, tons of tackle, and loads of missions, it’s
the most fun you can have fishing without putting on you waders!
Players will be able to reel in Reel Fishing Pocket this summer.

Stay tuned as we bring you more news from Natsume regarding these titles plus more.