May 21, 2013

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Xbox, A New Generation Revealed Live Blog

Xbox, A New Generation Revealed Live Blog


With E3 only a few weeks away, looks like Microsoft isn’t ready to be stood up by Sony. Today, they held a press conference to reveal the next Xbox console. Check out our live blog, starting at approximately 10AM PDT.

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And… that’s a wrap~! Stay tuned to VG for more detailed posts, trailers, and more from the show!

11:02 am

Showing in-engine on the new hardware. World Premiere of COD Ghosts

10:59 am

A comparison video to show past gen (COD: MW3) versus what you can see in COD Ghosts.

10:55 am

Call of Duty Ghosts is going for “emotional reality” ; you play as the underdog formed from the remnants of the armed forces.

10:53 am

COD downloadable content will launch exclusively first on Xbox One.

Eric Hirshberg takes the stage.

10:52 am

Xbox One will launch around the world later this year.

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The primary focus of the Xbox One, as they wind down the conference, seems to be as an entertainment hub, with gaming being secondary. Of course, they’re likely saving E3 for most of their games, so I guess we’ll have to see.

10:48 am

Microsoft is partnering with the NFL.

10:46 am

A live-action HALO television series. Spielberg is involved.

10:45 am

Bonnie Ross now takes the stage.

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“TV on Xbox will immerse you… For the first time ever, TV will be truly personalized.” TV will become social in “ways unknown to us today.” Xbox is about to become the next water cooler.

10:42 am

Nancy Tellem takes the stage.

10:42 am

Fifteen exclusive games in the first year; eight are new franchises.

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“Time is the fire in which we burn.”

10:40 am

Quantum Break – live action footage?

10:38 am

Forza 5 will be available at launch; more info coming at E3.

10:37 am

Forza Motorsport 5 running on Xbox One being shown now.

10:35 am

Phil Spencer takes the stage.

10:33 am

EA’s showing a trailer for some new sports games. EA Sports Ignite appears to be the new engine. Creates “human-like intelligence.”

10:28 am

Andrew Wilson from EA takes the stage.

10:28 am

Xbox Live will have 300,000 servers and will use cloud storage so you always have access to your movies, music, and more. Will now have a game DVR. Achievements tell your personal story of how you play, not just what you’ve done. Improved matchmaking. Can matchmake while you do other things – play another game, watch a movie, or browse the web.

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Xbox One is designed to work with your tablet (smart glass) seamlessly, along with kinect and the controller. Kinect sees you and the controller/tablet.

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10:23 am

Kinect has been reenvisioned to make it even better.

10:21 am

3 operating systems in one. 1) For devs , 2) windows kernel, 3) connect those two to create multitasking

10:21 am

Bluray drive, 64-bit architecture, 3.0 USB, “practically silent” – designed to deliver now and into the future.

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xboxone xboxonecontroller

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Marc Whitten now takes the stage.

10:18 am

Integration of fantasy in sports.

XboxOne guide – has your favorites, trending, and more. Can use voice to navigate. “Watch CBS.”

Favorites is an easy way to keep up with the shows you like to watch. Kind of like having your own personal channel.

Xbox Trending gives you a glance of what everyone’s watching. Up to the minute. Can jump into the most popular shows. Works for live TV and on-demand.

10:17 am

Group video calls on skype. Can use it snap mode, too.


10:14 am

Universal gestures to navigate. Also “snap mode” allows you to do multiple things at once, like watch a film and surf the internet at the same time.


10:12 am

Instant switching allows you to instantly switch from games, to live TV, to music, to internet, and back, all with voice commands.

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10:11 am

Home screen will recognize you (voice) and it will remember the last thing you were doing. Trending will show you what your friends are doing as well as what’s popular in the general community.

10:09 am

Yusuf Medi now takes the stage to introduce games.

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#XboxOne xboxone

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Xbox One

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“Can we take what you love and make it better?” Wants to harmonize the “living room” experiences. Team Xbox is on a new mission: “design a new system” for games, tv, entertainment that put “you at the center” and it must be “simple, instant, and complete.” Can “evolve what you love and make it decidedly better.”

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“Where all your entertainment comes alive in one place.”

10:03 am

Don Mattrick taking the stage.

10:03 am

“Free to create worlds and feelings.” Cloud is mentioned. “Stop just watching and start feeling… alive.”

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“The more of you we put in games… We’re going to use it to change everything.”

10:00 am

Major Nelson introducing the conference.

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Less than 2 minutes left…

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The live blog should refresh automatically with a new post or every 25 seconds. But hit refresh on your browser if you’re not seeing updates!

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Rebecca will be running the live blog this morning. Ten minutes to go…

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Everything seems to be working. Conference music has started. Fifteen minutes to go!

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Testing out the live blogging software in prep for the press conference!

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