May 21, 2013

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EA Hints at NBA Live Reveal During Xbox Event

EA Hints at NBA Live Reveal During Xbox Event


Yesterday EA Sports’ official NBA Live Twitter account sent out a tweet reading: “Countdown to tip-off.” The tweet indicates that it might be part of the next-gen Xbox event that is happening today. Here’s the tweet:


The tweet also included the picture shown above. It wouldn’t be too surprising that EA would want to show off NBA Live at today’s Microsoft event. EA is already expected to have a presence during the event and seeing as how NBA Live has been in the dark for more than a few years now, a new console life cycle may be what EA was waiting for to bring back this franchise.

I’m still skeptical that a sports franchise can take that much time off and still be relevent, epseically with NBA 2K’s success; however I would really like more sports game’s to be forced to compete with each other because it only benefits the gamers. And with EA’s money maybe we’ll see full ESPN or ABC presentation for the game and it could end up surprising some people.

[Source: EA Twitter]