May 21, 2013

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Class of Heroes II Release Date Announced

Class of Heroes II Release Date Announced

Class of Heroes fans have been waiting for some news of when the next entry in the JRPG dungeon crawler would be making its way stateside. MonkeyPaw Games, in partnership with Gajinworks, LLC, announced today that Class of Heroes II will be available on the PSN on June 4. As it will be available on the PSN, both PSP and Vita owners will be able to experience the sequel that offers improvements over the first.

Class of Heroes II has over 140 challenging quests and 100 or so maps as well as lots of enemy hordes and a plethora of equipment and skill combos to make the soon-to-be student heroes stronger than what they are. With a branching storyline and multiple endings, Class of Heroes II definitely seems to have quite a bit of replay value. Marketing and PR Manager for MonkeyPaw Games, Ray Almeda, comments:

“We’re extremely excited to release this addicting sequel for more reasons than the obvious localization enhancements. Class of Heroes II is just one of many J-RPGs that deserve to be played by more gamers around the world and we hope, for the hardcore fans, that other companies realize that these kinds of opportunities are also possible.”

As for the physical+digital bundle pre-sale, the company did reach its goal at around 2700 copies sold. If you purchased this bundle, you will be emailed the code to download your digital copy of Class of Heroes II and the physical copy should be sent out a bit later on.

[Source: MonkeyPaw Games]