May 15, 2013

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Resident Evil Revelations Demo Impressions

Resident Evil Revelations Demo Impressions YouTube Preview Image

Resident Evil Revelations was a massive hit on the 3DS. Critics and gamers loved the return to the Resident Evil basics of survival horror. Now one year later, Capcom is set to release the HD re-mastered version for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. I spent some time with the PS3 demo and while it was short lived, I came away more excited about Revelations than any recent RE titles.

As soon as you start up the demo you’ll notice how clean and sharp the graphics look. It’s clear Capcom spent an enormous amount of time making sure the visuals actually look HD as opposed to simply sharpening up the 3DS graphics. Even though some textures looked better than others, I was still shocked at how good Revelations looked.

The demo doesn’t show you much outside of one enemy type and a very small portion of the ship you’re stuck on; however it gives you a good enough idea of the gameplay you can expect from Revelations. What you can expect is classic RE gameplay. This means scarcity of items and ammo, creepy music and sound effects, dark corners and lots of random dead bodies. The controls are more like the recent RE titles without the rolling and strong melee attacks. It feels much more like RE 4 but a bit slower. You can’t really run all that fast so most of it is simply setting up in a corner and taking aim at the enemy. There is a dodge move, but you have to hit it right before the enemy is going to hit you, so you can’t just spam it constantly. And with ammo being scarce you’ll want to make every shot count. While I didn’t find that there was a lack of ammo or health in the demo, the retail version should be the complete opposite.


There’s not a whole lot to go by with this demo, but from what I got to play I was happy to play a RE game that was actually scary or a survival horror game. I’m not the biggest RE fan, but the games up until 5 and 6 were all pretty scary and provided a great horror experience, and I can’t wait to see what Revelations will have in store for us.

The full retail game will feature the RAID co-op mode and a new difficulty mode called “Infernal Mode” right away (as opposed to having to beat the game first), along with adding more weapon customization parts, more character skills and a new character for RAID mode.

Having never played the 3DS version, I can’t say whether or not it will be worth it for those who have already played through the game. The new difficulty mode might help keep the game fresh with adding a new enemy and randomizing positions for all enemies, but the game is set to retail for $49.99 so I’m not quite sure all that is included in the HD version will be worth it those who already played it.


I’m excited about a RE title going back to its roots, where it belongs and with the 3DS title doing so well, its hard to imagine that Revelations won’t follow suit and really the only thing that can hold it back would be technical issues. Overall I enjoyed what I played and I can’t wait to play a real survival horror Resident Evil game again, even if it’s just a remake of a 3DS title.