Apr 30, 2013

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Class of Heroes 2 Pre-Sale Goes Live

Class of Heroes 2 Pre-Sale Goes Live


Last week, we told you about some updates for Class of Heroes 2 and how a pre-sale would be going live later on for those who want to order the physical+digital copy. If you had been wondering just when you could get your chance to pre-order Gajinworks’ latest title, we have some great news for you. As of yesterday, the pre-sale for Class of Heroes 2 has gone live.

Using Amazon’s ‘Buy’ system, those interested in the game will be purchasing a digital voucher for the physical+digital copy of Class of Heroes 2. Unlike how Amazon usually handles pre-orders, your credit card will be charged within 1 to 3 days of your order. Digital codes for the game will be emailed when the game goes live on the PSN while the physical copies will be mailed out once all copies are made.┬áIt is expected that complete fulfillment of orders will be done within 4 to 8 weeks.

Though there is no information on the pre-sale page about how long it will last, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase as soon as possible. At only $36.99 (this includes USA shipping), you can’t go wrong. Though it should be noted that California residents will need to pay extra for sales tax and international orders will need to add $5 to $10 extra for shipping.

[Source: Gajinworks]