Apr 24, 2013

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Disney Infinity Could Add Star Wars, Marvel Play Sets

Disney Infinity Could Add Star Wars, Marvel Play Sets




Disney Infinity’s title suggests infinite possibilities and with Disney now owning both Star Wars and Marvel IPs it’s only natural to wonder if characters from those franchises will ever make an appearance. In a recent interview with Gamesindustry International, Bill Roper (Disney Interactive VP of product development) explained that it’s a possibility, but they are focused on their current characters.

“That was definitely exciting when that [news of the acquisition] came down from within the company. We love the potential for Infinity – we always joke, well, ‘the possibilities are infinite’,” he remarked. “For us, we’re really just focused on launching this platform quickly. We’ve got incredible IPs, and we’re showing the strength of what we’re building with the way we’ve approached the creative, where everything in the game world is toys, so we can have a Jack Sparrow next to Sulley [from Monsters] and it makes sense.”

Does that mean that Star Wars and Marvel characters are out of the question? No, but don’t expect to see them soon:

“I think the beauty of something like Infinity is that it’s a platform that we’re building,” Roper . “So we don’t try to be coy about it. We’ve done a lot of work about identifying the properties that we felt would really make the platform sing at launch, but I never discount any possibilities with the vast array of characters and worlds that we can tap into across the company.”

That’s good news I guess. With DLC becoming the norm and with games like LittleBigPlanet having so much success adding in Marvel packs, it makes sense that Disney Interactive could bring either franchise into the game via downloadable content (unless its already on the disc of course). If Disney Infinity does well at launch I think we’ll start to see them scramble quickly to release more characters, though the big draw to the game is unlocking both a full story mode and multiplayer with each character, so unless they have started working on it already we might not see Start Wars or Marvel figures until next year.