Apr 24, 2013

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Class of Heroes 2 Updates

Class of Heroes 2 Updates



If you’ve been waiting for news on when Gajinwork’s Class of Heroes 2 will finally be released, we find out that the company has a bit of bad news for fans. Luckily, there is also some good news to ease the pain.

To start with the bad news, a licensing issue surrounding the opening song in the opening animation reared its head mere days before the title was set to go live on the PSN. As of this moment, it still has not been resolved. Gajinworks does have a solution that should get Class of Heroes 2 out soon. They plan to resubmit it to Sony’s QA without the opening animation and then run it through QA again with the animation once the licensing issue is resolved. Regardless of whether the current song will be used or Gajinworks will need to get it replaced with another one from Acquire, the opening will be added back to the game at some point.

As for the good news, Gajinworks will be holding a physical+digital presale on their website next week. If you’re one who prefers having a physical copy over the digital version, you’ll want to take advantage of this presale. Once the presale ends after the 7 to 10 days that it is open, you will not be able to purchase the physical+digital copy as there is no plans for a reprint later on. However, those who plan to purchase the digital version will be able to get it via the PSN at any time.

More good news for those who pre-order the physical+digital copies is that the codes for the digital versions will be emailed to buyers so that they can play the game once it’s out as they wait for the physical copy to arrive. It should be noted though that Gajinworks had to increase the price for the physical+digital copies by $2 to $36.99 while the digital cost will remain at $24.99. Slightly higher shipping, manufacture, and fulfillment costs are the reasons behind this.

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