Apr 19, 2013

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Community Voice: Not all FPSes Have to Mimic Call of Duty, Do They?

Community Voice: Not all FPSes Have to Mimic Call of Duty, Do They?


The Call of Duty franchise is most likely the most popular first-person shooter this generation. Its fast paced, action packed gameplay, in both multiplayer and single player modes, was an instant hit with shooter fans. While I’ve been both a critic (mainly for glaring issues that never get fixed) and a fan of the franchise throughout the past few years, I’ve grown more frustrated with developers who think the only way to build a great multiplayer FPS is to use the Call of Duty formula.

Take the Halo franchise for example. In older versions of Halo you worked as a team to control areas in the map, control weapons, or control a vehicle and maybe even take one down. The “one man army” style of Call of Duty doesn’t encourage that type of team work in a team based mode and that mentality is starting to spread to other games. While I’ve definitely seen certain groups of gamers working together to secure a section of the map, as I’ve done myself, this is a rarity within the COD franchise. Players nowadays are getting used to doing their own thing in a team based mode, and you’re starting to see this in the past few Halo titles which tried to make it more and more like COD.

I’m also concerned about other FPSes introducing “kill streaks” as though a shooter must reward a player doing well in a match because winning isn’t enough. To me this makes losing easier, because you can do really well on a losing team and be ok with it. Kill streaks are fun and frustrating, but ultimately what it does is allow for the game to snowball. If you’re winning, chances are the kill streaks will make the game out of reach for the other team. Score streaks were supposed to alleviate that, but some flaws in that mechanic haven’t really helped.

So I ask the question: is it really a good idea to try to emulate Call of Duty? I like Call of Duty, I play it a lot and I often curse it as well. I also love playing other multiplayer FPS titles because they offer a different experience. Battlefield 3 is one of my favorite games because it encourages team work, it’s a slower game and a bit harder but it’s fun. Killzone and Resistance took some features from the Call of Duty franchise but ultimately created their own style of game and both of those games are just as enjoyable.

Call of Duty is a fun game, but shouldn’t developers try to offer FPS fans something that isn’t Call of Duty? Something that plays different, offers a different yet just as enjoyable shooter experience. We want to hear from you, do you want more Call of Duty features in other shooters or do you want different experiences from every FPS title you play?