Apr 15, 2013

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SimCity Social Shutting Down [Update: EA Shuts Down Two Other Titles As Well]

SimCity Social Shutting Down [Update: EA Shuts Down Two Other Titles As Well]


If you have a Facebook account and happen to be a fan of the SimCity series, it is likely you’ve played EA’s SimCity Social. Perhaps you became hooked on the game and went so far as to invest real money on the in-game currency. We learned last night that EA has announced on the Playfish/EA forums that they will be shutting the game down later this year.

SimCity Social was released back in June of 2012 and seemed to be a very popular title. Which is why it’s a bit surprising to learn that EA would be shutting this title down. The reason they give behind this decision is to “reallocateĀ development resources to other titles” that the company hopes players will enjoy. Any Diamonds, the in-game currency that can be purchased with real money, players still have will need to be used up before the game is shut down on June 14.

This news hasn’t really be well-received as a lot of players have voiced their complaints about the decision made. EA does hope to offer a “special offer” to thank players for playing the game. However, I don’t think that’s going to be enough to satisfy the ones who put in a lot of time and money with this game.


UPDATE: It appears that SimCity Social is not the only Facebook title to be shut down on June 14. Along with the city-building sim, Pet Society and The Sims Social will be taken down when June 14.

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