Apr 12, 2013

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Vivid Gamer Podcast #19: Breaking Down BioShock Infinite

Vivid Gamer Podcast #19: Breaking Down BioShock Infinite



Bioshock Infinite is already one of the most popular games of this generation and everyone is trying to break down the story and what everything meant in the game. Even more so than the original, Bioshock Infinite features a really intricate story and we here at Vivid Gamer decided to sit down to talk about what we liked or didn’t like about the game, what we want to see from the DLC and we try to break down the story as best as we can.

I, Eric, (@theherp80) am your host, and joining me in the podcast is  Ben (@APixelatedMind) and Ryan from Vivid Gamer and  John/Barrel (@barrelmaster) from GamePodunk.com. The podcast will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Infinite yet be sure to do so before listening to the podcast. You can listen to the podcast below, download it form here or on iTunes to listen to it later and make sure to check out Ryan’s video review to see why he thought it is already the Game of the Year. Enjoy!

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