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Mar 28, 2013

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Vivid Gamer Podcast #18: What We Talk About When We Talk About Games


“Games are two artists interacting with each other with various degrees of control.” – Dan Pierce

What is a game? It’s a complicated topic, and one not easily addressed. Nevertheless, I sat down with several interesting guests to tackle the topic anyway.

I, Rebecca, (@rrquinta) am your host. Joining me this time are Marshall (@RDAwesome) from Boss Dungeon, Game Podunk, and Just Another Anime Podcast; Tobbii (@SirTobbii) from Just Another Anime Podcast and Boss Dungeon; Marcus (@marcusboi) from Game Podunk; and indie devs Dan (@GameDesignDan) and Jack (@notquitereal) from The Tall Trees (@The_Tall_Trees).

You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

We’ll try to keep podcasting weekly to bring you interesting guests and topics, so be sure to subscribe!

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