Mar 28, 2013

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Community Voice: Can a Voice Actor Make or Break a Game?

Community Voice: Can a Voice Actor Make or Break a Game?


When the Spike Video Game Awards show aired in December of 2012, viewers got their first peek at a title known as The Phantom Pain, which was being developed by an unknown Swedish company called Moby Dick Studios. It was afterwards that the community began to voice their thoughts and theories on whether or not this was Metal Gear Solid 5. Ranging from the fact that Joakim (the name of the man leading the development of the title) to the simple fact that the domain name for the studio had just recently been registered; there was plenty of evidence that The Phantom Pain was more than it was leading on to be.

We fast forward to GDC 2013 when Hideo Kojima officially confirmed the rumor that not only was The Phantom Pain really Metal Gear Solid V (using the Roman numeral), but that the previously announced Metal Gear Solid entry Ground Zeroes were one of the same. While they are both Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima did mention that Ground Zeroes is the prequel to The Phantom Pain and there is a good chance for them to be separate releases. A new trailer was shown at GDC 2013 that allows viewers to view what appears to be either Big Boss or Solid Snake awakening from a ten year coma. It also lacked the voice of David Hayter, the man that many fans find to be synonymous with Solid Snake/Big Boss. He later confirmed on Twitter that he wasn’t returning for the iconic role in Metal Gear Solid V.

This news has caused many Metal Gear Solid fans to question and condemn the action taken by using a voice other than Hayter’s for the role. Across message boards and Twitter, there are talks of how Metal Gear Solid V will fail just for the simple fact that Hayter is not in it, and how it is possible that this is just a media ploy in order to drum up interest in the title before we learn that Hayter’s still voicing Solid Snake/Big Boss. Whichever way you look at it, the exclusion of one of video games most recognized voice actors has definitely got people talking.

We at Vivid Gamer want to ask our readers a few questions. Do you think that the lack of David Hayter’s voice is reason enough not to purchase this entry when it’s released? Or do you think that it is possible that, similar to the Spike VGA trailer and the fictitious Joakim Mogren/Moby Dick Studios, this is just another media ploy? Also, do you think a voice actor should have this much power over a game to influence sales? Feel free to comment below.

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