Mar 21, 2013

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Endgame: Syria Finally Released On Apple App Store

Endgame: Syria Finally Released On Apple App Store


You might recall when we brought you the news of Endgame: Syria, the controversial newsgame that explores the Syrian civil war, being rejected by Apple due to its focus on the real life event in Syria. Today we learn that Endgame: Syria has finally been approved by Apple. Though this is good news that iOS device owners can now find it within the App Store, there is still the fact that GametheNews had to go through three rejections and an appeal before getting to this point. Not to mention, all references to Syria and specific groups had to be removed.

Sure, this doesn’t change what the title is about and what it wants to draw awareness to. But it does take away from the fact that people who purchase it on their iOS devices will not realize that this title is based on a current and important world event. Tomas Rawlings, Endgame: Syria developer, remarks:

“We’ve come to the end of three rejections and one appeal and the only way we’ve been able to get Endgame:Syria out on iOS was to remove all references to the real world and sadly that changes it from a ‘newsgame’ into just a ‘game’. We’ve released this game version so at least players with Apple devices can get a
feel for what we originally intended for the platform. We are of course disappointed to not be able to release the game and hope that our experience informs a wider debate about how games have matured into a form that would benefit from a reappraisal by some.”

If you’re looking for it on the App Store, the new title is Endgame: Eurasia. GametheNews updated Endgame: Syria on the Android and has released it on the PC and Facebook. The updated versions have added newer events such as the Scud Missile strikes and the fear surrounding WMDs.

What bothers me about how Apple handled this is the fact that it makes it’s really difficult for developers to bring attention to some of the events going on worldwide due to copyright guidelines. It’s always interesting to see someone want to use a medium such as video games to inform audiences who might not have any clue of what is happening worldwide.

[Source: GametheNews]