Mar 14, 2013

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Horse Meat Scandal Newsgame Now On iPhones And Facebook

Horse Meat Scandal Newsgame Now On iPhones And Facebook


Last week, we shared the news of GametheNews’ latest title that focuses on the horse meat scandal that’s been plaguing the world. Cow Crusher has players working in a meat factory. You have to push out the best beef product without accidentally killing horses to bring down the quality of the product. If you’ve been interested in GametheNews’ second most popular title, you could only play it on Android devices or the website.

Until now as GametheNews announces that you can now find Cow Crusher on iOS devices. Not to mention that you can even play the title on Facebook. Being on Facebook is good as you can share it with your friends and help spread the awareness of the horse meat scandal.

GametheNews became a global sensation when Endgame: Syria, the title that focused on the ongoing war in Syria, was released. A serious title that focuses on the drug war in Mexico is in the works at this time. Stay tune with up as we keep you up to date.

[Source: GametheNews]