Mar 7, 2013

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Newsgame Offers Wry Commentary On Horse Meat Scandal

Newsgame Offers Wry Commentary On Horse Meat Scandal


Earlier this week, GametheNews announced their latest title, Cow Crusher, which puts focus on the current scandal regarding horse meat being found in food that is supposed to contain only beef. Tomas Rawlings, design and production director of GametheNews, commented:

Cow Crusher is part of an ongoing experiment into how games can play a role in news and current affairs and this time we’ve opted for a more fun approach to the topic.”

In Cow Crusher, it is your goal to ensure that the output of your factory is 100% beef. You have to push the right button at the right time in order to “squish the animal” into becoming the optimal product while avoiding the horses as they will lower the percentage.

You can play Cow Crusher on your Android device and online as HTML5 here. iOS versions of this title along with the other ones are still “in process” with Apple.

[Source: GametheNews]