Mar 5, 2013

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Persona 4 Golden Guide: Compulsive Reader Trophy, Complete Book List

Persona 4 Golden Guide: Compulsive Reader Trophy, Complete Book List


One of the easiest trophies to miss in Persona 4 Golden is the Compulsive Reader trophy. It feels really unfair that this is only a bronze (and not a silver) trophy, too. While most of the books can be purchased from the bookstore in town, a few can only be earned via special events or quests, and those are the ones that are easy to miss.

It’s possible to achieve this trophy on a first playthrough (while earning the max social link trophy, too), but it can be challenging. You may find it easier to make a save in December or January, spend all your time reading until the trophy pops, then go back and focus on social links. Although the game continues, February 4 (02/04) is the LAST day you have to read, so you should make sure all books are read by that night or you will not get the trophy.

When you do successfully read all the books, in addition to the trophy, you will get a ring that adds +10 to your attributes.

I also recommend saving most books until after you’ve read Hyperspeed Reading, which will let you read two chapters a night instead of two, and makes this trophy much easier. I would recommend at least reading the two fishing books in advance if you’re going for the social link trophy or the Guardian trophy, however.

I’ll be sure to highlight what you need to do to get the books that aren’t purchasable from the bookstore.


Complete Book List

* = from the Sport social link

** = from a quest

^ = from non-Sports event

^^ = from eating at Aiya

(blank) = purchase at book store


Amazing Khan Series

The Lovely Man

Forever Macho

Man of History


Farewell to Man


The Bullied Teacher Series

Off Today

Short on Cash

Changing Careers

Sensei’s Friends

The Final Lesson


Technique Books

Expert Study Methods

English Made Easy

100 Ghost Stories

Office Work Manual

Easy Origami

Food Fight!

Beginner Fishing

Expert Fishing

Catching Bugs

World Class Bugs

Home Gardening

Hyperspeed Reading


Quest/S. Link Books

The O-Cha Way *

The Gentle Way**

The Divine Way^

The Ramen Way^^

The Punk’s Way**

Guide to Pests**

Witch Detective*


Picross Rules!**

Who Am I?**


For details on how to acquire all the social link/quest books, please continue to the next page . . .