Feb 18, 2013

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Vita Press Conference Disappoints

Vita Press Conference Disappoints


Early this morning (3AM EST), Sony Japan held a press conference in Nintendo Direct-style. Although many Vita fans hoped to see a remodel or new games revealed, the biggest news was the handheld will receive a price drop in Japan. Both the WiFi and 3G models will be sold for 19980 ¥ (~$215).

The rest of the conference was focused on promoting upcoming games, including Phantasy Star Online 2 (and the ice-silver Vita bundle), Soul Sacrifice, Valhalla Knights 3, and more.

You can watch the 36-minute presentation here (but keep in mind, it’s all in Japanese).

Nothing particularly revealing, although Dragon’s Crown does get a trailer near the end, proving it does exist, and at one point, shots of a factory showing the retail copies of Soul Sacrifice were displayed, as if to prove the game exists.

I tease, but in some ways, that’s what this presentation felt like: “proof” that the Vita is still something real, when many fans are beginning to question Sony’s support of their handheld.

Of course, all of this was Japan-only, although it would make sense for a Western price drop to hit at some point in the future.

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