Feb 13, 2013

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5 Games for the Lonely Valentine

5 Games for the Lonely Valentine

Lonely Valentine

We’ve all been in that situation before, not having a Valentine during this commercial holiday. Instead of feeling down about things, why not look at the positives? Don’t have to worry about spending your hard earned money on someone else, don’t have to eat fattening chocolate, and you don’t have to waste money on a dozen plants that will wither away and die within a few weeks anyways. Most importantly, though, is that while others are crowding restaurants and other romantic places, you get some quality alone time to play some video games. While others have to work their tails off for a chance at love, you get to relax and enjoy your favorite pastime. You might be alone, but these five games will ensure that you’ll never feel lonely.


Persona 4 Golden

persona 4 golden

Follow the life of a high school student as you go about your daily routine studying for tests, joining clubs and even getting a part-time job. Though this may sound mundane, the local residents of Inaba are a joy to interact with and will genuinely have you caring about them. As your relationships grow with your peers, you as a player will get the same sense of satisfaction witnessing acquaintances become friends and crushes become girlfriends. Seeing these people grow and develop around you is incredibly satisfying and is likely what everyone wished high school actually felt like. Long nights hanging out with friends, day trips to the beach, school campouts and even putting on a concert for your town barely scratch the surface of the events you and your friends will go through. These relationships you’ll form truly transcend the game itself and you’ll constantly try your best to strengthen your social links just to get to know your favorite characters even better.  Why care about a Valentine when you’re trying to build up the courage to ask Chie or Rise out? And if the appeal of meeting new characters that you’ll genuinely fall in love with isn’t enough, I heard there’s a decent RPG and murder mystery tied into this game somewhere.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


If you may be thinking about what you’re going to do with your free time on Valentines Day, look no further then Skyrim. Well over a year has passed since this game has released and there are still hundreds of ways to keep you occupied. Without even touching the main storyline you’ve got countless amounts of side-quests, different dungeons to loot, and the appeal of hunting dragons. If you include the DLC and the tons of additional mods you can utilize on PC, there really is no time to feel sad or lonely. If you’ve yet to enjoy this sprawling adventure or have yet to explore Tamriel, do yourself a favor and pick this game up now. Because being a Dragonborn is definitely a step up from being a lonely Valentine this Thursday.


The Walking Dead Game


The Walking Dead is a great success because while it’s based on an apocalyptic event, it’s main focus is on the characters and their development throughout the circumstances. Like the comic and tv show, the game follows a group of survivors trying to live through a neverending zombie nightmare. Unlike the show and comic, the game actually puts you into the role of a survivor as he tries to make sense of the world. Doing this lets you feel the emotions that the character goes through on this journey and as the game progresses from episode to episode you get to witness a genuine growth along the way. Though the main character Lee Everett and the little girl Clementine were brought together through this tragic event, the bond they form is easily one of the strongest seen throughout The Walking Dead, let alone gaming in 2012. Through this five-part series you not only get to witness a pure form of love, but actually help establish and foster it which will engross you until the final credits roll leaving you with a strong lasting impression. You may not have a sweetheart for this Valentines Day, but spend a few hours with Clementine and you’ll fall in love.




Perhaps developing in-game relationships with characters isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re still yearning for a girlfriend or someone to call your mate. If so, then take a look at the cautionary tale of Vincent Brooks as he goes through the psychological horror game Catherine. Vincent’s girlfriend (coincidentally named Katherine) has induced nightmares for Vincent due to her talks of marriage and commitment, which he obviously isn’t ready for. This is further complicated when Vincent meets and has an affair with the sultry seductress Catherine. Though the game is a tale of death, cheating and puzzles, the true scares come from the highlighting of some of the worst aspects of being in a relationship. Throughout the game you’re supposed to feel bad about cheating on your girlfriend Katherine with the obviously more visually appealing Catherine but it’s incredibly hard because of how your girlfriend acts. Constantly nagging, pressuring you for change and just being a complete pain is just the tip of the iceberg and experiencing it in-game might remind you of how trying a relationship can be at times. If you wish you had a girlfriend this Valentines Day, take a look at Katherine and perhaps you may be thankful for your single status. The game itself is actually a lot of fun as well, so be sure to check out Rebecca’s review of it when you get the chance.


Halo 4


How can a game about a spartan saving Earth from an alien race be at all related to Valentines Day? Well without diving in to the whole Master Chief and Cortana relationship, the truth of the matter is that it does not. Sometimes the best remedy for a lonely heart is to just go out and kill some people online. Sometimes you just wanna jump into a huge battle and frag a couple random people. If you’re looking for a great shooter with better consistency and less balancing issues (I’m looking at you Call of Duty) then dive right into one of the best FPS’ in years. While it may not help you replace the longing for a relationship, it sure does feel good to get a couple of kills in and if you were wronged by someone this Valentines Day, just imagine that they’re controlling the player you just took out across the map. Don’t you feel much better now?