Feb 11, 2013

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New Disney Infinity Screens Released Highlighting Monsters U

New Disney Infinity Screens Released Highlighting Monsters U


Disney Interactive today released some new screenshots of the Monsters University Play Set for Disney Infinity. The new screens provide some insight on the campaign mode featured with the Monsters characters.

Disney Infinity is kind of like Skylanders where you have actual action figure like characters and you place them on a platform to “bring them to life” in the video game. The difference is each Disney character from a particular franchise has a story mode and in Disney Infinity you’ll be able to play in a multiplayer creation mode called Toy Box, where you can play with other characters from the Disney Universe.

In terms of Monsters University’s campaign mode, the images indicate you’ll be going around scaring people and armed with a TP gun it’s a safe bet that you’ll be going around pranking as one of the story objectives as well.

The new screens also show off some of the Toy Box mode where you’ll be able to play multiplayer and create your own experience within the Disney Universe. The Toy Box mode allows you to mix and match characters and universes to create a LittleBigPlanet like experience.

Here are some quick highlights of Disney Infinity:

  • Disney Infinity Interactive Pieces – Initially a line of 40 collectible interactive pieces will be introduced that allow players to expand and customize their play experiences.
  • Disney Infinity Interactive Character Figures – Seventeen character figures will allow players to experience a variety of their favourite characters in true to property experiences and in “Toy Box” mode.
  • Disney Infinity Base – When figures are placed on the Infinity base, they unlock the world and play experiences of Disney Infinity.
  • Disney Infinity Power Discs – Interactive discs can be placed on the Infinity base to power up characters and “Toy Box” with unique powers, customizations and gadgets.
    Development for Disney Infinity is being led by Disney Interactive and Avalanche

Each figurine will unlock the character for their particular story mode and in the free for all Toy Box mode. The figurines will be able to be played on any platform. So if your friend only has a Wii and you have a PS3 you’ll still be able to use the figurines.

The starter pack which features Sully, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible will retail for $75 and each additional figurine will cost $12.99 or $29.99. The Power Discs will cost $4.99. Disney Infinity is set for a summer release across all consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Wii U.