Feb 8, 2013

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Second Closed Beta Coming Soon For SimCity

Second Closed Beta Coming Soon For SimCity


If you missed the first SimCity closed beta and got hyped about the upcoming game after reading our impressions on it, you’re in luck. Maxis announced that a second closed beta will begin on February 16. As with the first one, you have to fill out the registration on SimCity‘s official site before February 11. Or you could just pre-order the title.

The second closed beta is set to start at 9 AM ET on February 16 and run until 9 AM ET February 17. Though this time frame is considerably short, this beta will feature an enhanced version of the one-hour slice that players experienced during the first closed beta.

Maxis also announced that those who pre-order SimCity will receive the Heroes and Villains set, only available in the Limited Edition set. This new set allows players to add superheroes and their dastardly villain counterparts to their cities.

SimCity is set to release on March 5 for the PC. A Mac version is still being developed and plans are to release it soon after the PC version hits stores.

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