Feb 8, 2013

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Dead Space 3 Artifacts Location Guide

Dead Space 3 Artifacts Location Guide

If you’re having trouble finding the numerous Artifacts scattered across Dead Space 3, we’ve gone some video guides to help you find every single one of them. The videos below are numbered based on the order in which you get collect the artifacts; however it should be noted that the six artifacts that can be obtained in Chapter 4 can be collected up until chapter 7. Even if you grab it in any of the subsequent chapters, it will count towards chapter 4. Check out the videos below and leave a comment if you need more help.

Note: videos will be added as soon as they become available. In the mean time we have text guides as a placeholder. Artifacts are listed in the Description of the YouTube video if you want to quickly jump to a particular one.


Artifacts #1-8: Prologue – Chapter 4

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Artifacts #9-17: Chapter 4 – Chapter 9

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Artifacts #18-25 Cont. Chapter 9- Chapter 11

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Artifacts #26-33- Chapter 13 and 14 (7 artifacts in ch. 14)

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Chapter 17:

34. (Alien) Near the bench as soon as the chapter starts.

35. (Unitologist) This Artifact will be across from the second set of charges you’ll detonate.

36. (Alien) During the optional mission Artifact Storage, you’ll find this one at the top of the third anti-gravity silo.

37. (Alien) After shooting across the gap, enter the Alien door and head left to find this Artifact.

Chapter 18:

38. (Alien) In the room with the Stalkers, stay to the right in the outer tunnel that runs around the room.

39. (Alien) In the room with the spinning pillar puzzle, you will find this Artifact on the left platform.

Chapter 19: 

40. (Alien) On the left side of the slope once the large tentacles attack you, after the chapter begins.

[Text guides courtesy of thecontrolleronline.com]