Feb 7, 2013

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CD Projekt RED’s Witcher Series Might Not End

CD Projekt RED’s Witcher Series Might Not End


One journey ends, another begins.

The CD Projekt RED community was ablaze earlier this week as the announcement of Geralt’s final journey, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, seemed to mark an inevitable end to the monster hunter’s adventures. Fans still have a glimmer of hope, however, as a translated quote from CD Projekt RED’s CEO, Adam Kicinski, later appeared on Eurogamer confirming that The Witcher 3 will indeed serve as a “great finale” of Geralt’s story.

“However,” Kicinski continues, “this doesn’t mean the end of franchise.”

From having experienced the series first-hand (with both games and an English reprint of the Blood of Elves novel) the potential for experiencing even more adventures in Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski’s, fantasy world becomes very real.

His unnamed Continent is home to many factions warring over both Northern and Southern territories in addition to being inhabited by all manner of paranormal and fantastical creatures.

Geralt himself is but one member of a supernaturally enhanced group of monster hunters and his supporting cast of allies (and enemies) come with many sidestories ripe for spinoffs of their own. Exactly what shape or form these future titles will materialize in remains to be seen. Since the folks at CD Projekt RED clearly have no plans to retire The Witcher as a game franchise any time soon, this editor’s educated guess points to the possibility of either a prequel, spinoff, or the very strong likelihood of an MMO.

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