Feb 5, 2013

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OUYA Plans To Retail In June

OUYA Plans To Retail In June


The OUYA, an android-based videogame console that has received a tremendous amount of support (almost $8.6 million worth) from its Kickstarter campaign, is set to make its debut on store shelves this June. The list of retailers that are currently on board with OUYA range from Gamestop and Best Buy to online retailers like Amazon. The Kickstarter project, which launched in July of 2012, will be unveiled to backers in March, and pre-orders will be fulfilled in April. On the subject of the console’s initial release, OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman said the following:

We want to support OUYA as best we can, both online and in physical retail, making sure there’s visibility for the product, to see content and demo the box. Those are all conversations we’re having with retailers. Retail partners of this size don’t just jump into business with every company that has something to sell. We’re providing something that has responded so well to gamers and developers.

The OUYA console will sell for $99.99 on launch day and includes a controller. A second stand alone controller will cost $49.99.

[Source: GT Side Mission]