Feb 1, 2013

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Edge Reveals PlayStation 4 Details

Edge Reveals PlayStation 4 Details


The day after Sony announced a meeting where they are expected to reveal the PlayStation 4, Edge has reveled some details about the PlayStation 4 based on sources who are currently developing for the console along with the next Xbox console. The sources indicated that the PlayStation 4, on paper, seems to be slightly more powerful than the next Xbox system. They also mentioned a new control scheme that features a touch screen and they also detailed the specs of the system, which have been rumored elsewhere as well.

The controller

Their sources revealed that the PS4 will come with the same size controller as the DualShock but will come with a touchpad in the middle of the controller that will be similar in tech to the Vita’s rear touchpad. There will also be a Share button on the controller that will launch a new feature which will allow for screenshots and video recording. The PS4 will record gameplay and will upload online where users can edit the footage.

The specs

According to their sources Sony has made it much easier to develop for the PS3 by making the system more PC-like in its make-up. For the specs this is what Edge is reporting:

Though Durango devkits offer 8GB of DDR3 RAM, compared to Orbis’s 4GB, Sony’s GDDR5 solution is capable of moving data at 176 gigabytes per second, which should eliminate the sort of bottlenecks that hampered PS3 game performance. Importantly, we’ve learned that Sony has told developers that it is pushing for the final PS4 RAM to match up to Microsoft’s 8GB.

Both platforms (Xbox and PlayStation) are driven by eight-core AMD CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz, with Microsoft opting for a D3D11.x GPU from an unknown source and Sony utilizing a more capable solution in AMD’s ‘R10XX’ architecture, alongside the so-called ‘Liverpool’ system-on-chip.

Launch Date

Sources indicated to Edge that the launch will happen in Japan and U.S. by Christmas, which we all expect, however European markets might see a delay until early 2014. There might also be a new and improved PlayStation Eye which could be available at launch and will be compatible with current PlayStation Move controllers.

We won’t have to wait too long to see if these sources are giving accurate information, but as far as the specs are concerned these seem to be the same numbers that have been rumored for awhile now so that’s probably pretty accurate.

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