Jan 24, 2013

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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Will Have 4-Player Co-Op

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Will Have 4-Player Co-Op

As part of the Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo mentioned it is considering moving beyond the typical single-player experience in some of its games, including Zelda. Today, details on the multiplayer modes of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon were revealed.

The game will support local, online, and download-play multiplayer. Up to four players will be able to journey to the Scare-Scraper, filled with monsters, selecting how many floors they want to tackle: five, ten, or 25. In Hunter Mode, each player controls a different colored Luigi, and must use teamwork to clear the floor before time runs out. At the top of each tower, the team will confront a boss. Difficulty is adjustable, and players can revive fallen comrades. Bonuses are awarded depending on how the team performed on each floor.

The game will be available at both retail and via the e-Shop on March 24 for $39.99.

[Source: Nintendo]