Dec 13, 2012

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Endgame: Syria Explores The War in Syria

Endgame: Syria Explores The War in Syria


Auroch Digital are using rapid-game development methods to do something rarely seen in the game industry: present an opportunity to explore current day news headlines in the form of a game. While it might be controversial to consider Endgame: Syria a game given the premise of it, Auroch’s Tomas Rawlings explains his feelings on getting those who might be in the dark about current world news involved.

“We wanted the events and actions in the game to mirror the real situation. So while creating this experience, we were also continually looking at the news and adding or removing components to keep the content current.”

“As game developers, games are a natural way for us to express our thoughts on the world around us. Games don’t have to be frivolous or lightweight; they can and do take on serious issues and open them up to new audiences.”

“If the word ‘game’ is troubling then we’re happy for this to be called a ‘simulation’ or an ‘interactive experience’. For us, the point is that we’re using this medium  as a means to express and explore the uncertainties of this situation. A game allows you to re-explore the same territory and see how different choices play out and understand that those choices have far-reaching consequences.”

Endgame: Syria allows players to make choices that not only have an impact on events that occur during the game but the overall outcome. During the two week development period, the team reports that many changes had to be made due to constant changes in the events surrounding the Syrian war.

Those who are interested can download it for free on the Android via Google Play and soon for iOS devices. You can also play it online on the GameTheNews website.

[Source: Auroch Digital]