Dec 12, 2012

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Street Fighter X Mega Man Is Officially A “Thing”

Street Fighter X Mega Man Is Officially A “Thing” YouTube Preview Image

Mega Man fans, rejoice!

Capcom recently announced that the fan made game Street Fighter X Mega Man will officially be available to download for free on December 17th. After a string of cancellations to the Mega Man series, many blue bomber fans were yearning for a new title. Luckily, Seow Zong Hui, an avid Street Fighter fan, was working on creating a Mega Man title that would pit Mega Man against Street Fighter characters instead of Robot Masters. The game will be featured in 8-bit and will look to wrap up Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary while at the same time kicking off Mega Man’s 25th. The game will only be available for PC and the download link will be found on the Capcom Unity website.

[Source: Capcom Unity]