Nov 5, 2012

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Introducing Dead Island Riptide’s Newest Character: John Morgan

Introducing Dead Island Riptide’s Newest Character: John Morgan


Dead Island Riptide is the spin-off to the wildly popular Dead Island title that was released back in 2011. In this zombie-infested open world title, you had the choice of four playable main characters. Dead Island Riptide offers a new main character along with the four returning ones from the 2011 hit title.

Meet John Morgan, the once anonymous character that Techland had until recently been hiding. We got a few interesting tidbits of information on this new playable character. John Morgan can be played throughout the entire game like the other four main characters. He is also inspired by many popular fan mods of the original game that put focus on hand to hand combat. Mr. Morgan sent time in the US Navy, though it appears his career hasn’t gone as well as he thought it would. So his days are spent as the ship’s chef. Self trained, John Morgan is a master in the hand to hand combat. Both his combat and cooking skills will prove to be helpful when he nears the island of Palanai.

Speaking of Palanai, we now know a bit more about one of the new locations on the island. Henderson is a vital town on the island of Palanai, nestled in the once lush Banoi archipelago. Palanai caters to the rich yacht owners and eco-tourists who want to be close to the untouched jungle.

Stay tuned with us as we bring more exciting information on Dead Island Riptide.

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