Oct 4, 2012

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Helicuem Announces RunSanity: First Social Competitive iOS Title

Helicuem Announces RunSanity: First Social Competitive iOS Title


Helicuem announced today that they would be bringing RunSanity, a kick ass social competitive game, to iOS devices later this month. Helicuem is a company that specializes in the development and publishing of digital content for both Smartphones and tablets.

RunSanity‘s gameplay is easy to learn with one-touch mechanics at its core. A full-featured game, RunSanity includes five unique characters with their own features that you can play as across twenty levels. There is endless fun to be found within the arcade mode and with the countless boosters, combos, and power-ups.

What makes RunSanity stand out among the titles available on iOS devices is the ability to compete against friends not just from the leaderboards but also instantly from a popular social network. This is done by choosing your friend via Facebook and making a bet with your in-game currency. With the “Ghost System,” you’ll perform the race and then send over the ghost data of your character’s run to your friend. If they choose to accept the challenge, they will compete against this data to see who the fastest character is.

Adrien Dassault, CEO of Helicuem, remarked:

“After several years working on mobile entertainment, it is obvious to us that our phones have evolved to become the very center of our social lives. We can’t make games like we used to anymore! RunSanity is simply the next stage of the way we play mobile games: instant fun, interactive with friends, and without question, free to play.”

[Source: Helicuem]