Oct 3, 2012

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Nightclub Mayhem V2.0 Coming To iPad And Mac

Nightclub Mayhem V2.0 Coming To iPad And Mac

99Games’ Nightclub Mayhem got really good praise from casual gamers when it was first released. This time-management sim had players building nightclubs and serving mocktails in hopes to becoming the most popular hangout location. In Version 2.0, 99Games adds more features to the mix.

These features include two new nightclubs; one in Hong Kong and another in Los Angeles. There are also 24 new levels, multi-touch-supported co-op play, and six new characters to serve. This isn’t all as they have added a new mini-game where you let the paparazzi get some good celebrity pictures and five new distractions for the bouncers of your clubs.

You can pick up Nightclub Mayhem Version 2.0 on the Apple iTunes Store for $1.99 for the iPad and $4.99 for Mac.

[Source: 99Games]