Oct 1, 2012

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XBLIG Gateways On Sale For 80 Microsoft Points

XBLIG Gateways On Sale For 80 Microsoft Points

The recently released 2D puzzler Gateways! has just dropped the price of their game from 240 pts to 80 pts in honor of it’s rave reviews. One of the featured titles in this year’s Indie Game Summer Uprising, Gateways! blends clever puzzles with mild platforming action to deliver a very memorable indie game experience.

While it was easy to recommend this highly polished game at the low price of 240 pts, it’s a must buy now at a paltry 80 pts. The most simplest way to describe the game would be to mix Portal with Metroidvania-style exploring. There are different power-ups to unlock, dozens of puzzles to wrap your mind around, and an overall higher quality not often found in an XBLIG. This should come as no surprise since the developer formerly created The Adventures of Shuggy and to be perfectly honest, there really isn’t any reason that Gateways! shouldn’t have been an XBLA game as well.

For more details on Gateways! check out the developer Smudged Cat Games website here. Gateways! is also available on Steam for $5 (definitely worth it) and be sure to check back here at Vivid Gamer for a review within the coming weeks.

[Source: Press Release via Email]