Sep 26, 2012

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4 Games, 4 SNES Gems: Chrono Trigger Preview

4 Games, 4 SNES Gems: Chrono Trigger Preview


I have decided that for these previews I’m going to introduce you to each game with some fun facts/background information, then give my own thoughts/impressions after playing a few hours.

Things to know about Chrono Trigger:

  • The name of the game is spelled with an “h”, however the main character’s name is simply “Crono”
  • Fittingly, “Chronos” is the greek god of time
  • The game features thirteen unique endings
  • However, the DS version featured an extra ending, triggered (no pun intended) by defeating an added optional boss
  • Chrono Trigger was the first game to use the term “New Game Plus”
  • The main art designer for the game was also the creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama.
  • There is a sequel titled Chrono Cross for PS1, featuring parallel worlds instead of time travel.
  • Chrono Trigger has been released on eight different platforms, including mobile phones, because we can never have enough different ways to play our favorite RPG’s.

I am thoroughly enjoying Chrono Trigger so far.  The storytelling is humorous, and a little cliche, but it has its own feel to it; basically, if I were playing it in 1995, it would feel totally fresh.  The game has aged a bit, of course. Although they still haven’t altered it much even to this day, Square’s famous Final Fantasy battle system is ever-present in CT. I’ll admit I haven’t played many games in the series, but I still don’t understand how having to scroll through menus as fast as possible is enjoyable.  Usually, I end up hitting attack instead of the healing spell I desperately need, and die a horrible death.  Thankfully, CT does a much better job of easing you into the difficulty then the first FF game I played (the DS version of IV, which I later learned had strangely ramped up the difficulty from the original).

I’ve gotten used to the battle system, and I’m even learning to enjoy it, although I still prefer the slow pace of a turn-based-RPG or the full control of my character in a good action-RPG.  Boss battles are fun, and well integrated into the story.  Another cool thing about battles are the dual and triple techs (attacks which require two or three characters to perform). I haven’t found them to be very useful yet, but as of this point, I am only about 8 hours into the game.  I will have a complete review at the end of September, and hopefully Chrono Trigger will continue to impress me.