Sep 25, 2012

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Hotline Miami Takes Home Top Honors At Fantastic Arcade

Hotline Miami Takes Home Top Honors At Fantastic Arcade


Hotline Miami, developed by Dennaton Games, took home a very coveted critic’s choice award from this year’s Fantastic Arcade 2012 in Austin. Picking up the “Most Fantastic Game” award, Hotline Miami was also playable at the event.

The retro shooter is one of two featured titles being published by Devolver Digital with the other being the recently announced LUFTRAUSERS from Vlambeer. Hotline Miami is due out later this year and has been taking the world (and internet) by storm with glowing neon, chicken masks, and awesome top-down shooting gameplay. There was even a custom level map resembling The Highball which was the venue for this year’s Fantastic Arcade.

Devolver Digital CFO, Fork Parker, commented:

“I have no doubt this Fantastic Arcade event was great but I spent all weekend jamming my spare change in the ol’ coin slot if you know what I’m saying. No seriously, I was playing a vintage Burgertime machine for 36 straight hours. Don’t be gross.”

You can follow the game at @HotlineMiami and on Facebook at

[Source: Devolver Digital]