Sep 17, 2012

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SW:TOR Final Server Consolidation Tomorrow

SW:TOR Final Server Consolidation Tomorrow

Earlier in the summer, Bioware allowed players to transfer characters to more populated servers for free. Tomorrow is the final process in their server consolidation endeavor.

Any player on a currently locked server will find themselves on new, higher populated servers tomorrow. Don’t worry, you will not lose any of your items or characters. In fact, Bioware created a nice FAQ page which should answer any question you have. The only issue you may find yourself having is the possibility of having to rename your character.

It’s no surprise that Bioware is continuing to move forward with server consolidation after the summer of Bioware layoffs and SW:TOR going free-to-play. Hopefully, Bioware can recoup some of their money and give players major content changes to draw more people in.

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