Sep 12, 2012

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Snapshot Review

Snapshot Review

Every so often, a little video game developer comes along that shocks us. Retro Affect has done that with their newest game, Snapshot. In Snapshot you play as a lost robot, Pic, that must find his way to his ship so he can fly home. All Pic has is his camera which he can use to manipulate the environment around him to find his way through each area.

Each world has a set of nine levels with three stages to each level. In each stage you must solve the puzzle to reach the large star to complete it. While there are nine levels for each world, you do not have to complete all of them, or even all the stages, to move on to the next world. Reaching the goal amount of stars is all you need to progress. The levels do progress in difficultly quite fast, so this is more difficult than it may sound.

Using your mouse and keyboard you move Pic and take pictures with the camera. Sounds simple enough, but it is actually a bit difficult to get used to the keyboard movement and simultaneous picture snapping and pasting with the mouse. At times you may even need to snap pictures while flying through the air.

At first, solving puzzles is easy. Snap a picture, paste the picture where it is needed, complete the puzzle. After awhile, Snapshot really forces you to start using your brain. As mentioned, you may need to snap pictures while flying through the air, or even paste images while flying through the air.

If that is not challenging enough, hidden objects are in each stage. You are encouraged to snap a picture of the hidden object and keep it in your picture “inventory” when you complete the stage. Finding these hidden objects is an achievement, just as getting the best time for each stage and collecting all the stars.

While you are getting increasingly frustrated with the puzzles, take the time out to enjoy the beauty of the game. The light music and sound tie in well with the game’s atmosphere without overpowering it. The beautiful 2D environment is colorful and enchants you instantaneously.

I played Snapshot straight through and played for about ten hours. If you try to complete every stage and collect every hidden object, you can easily make the game last twenty hours. It all depends on how much of a game completest you are.

Snapshot is a very aesthetically pleasing, very polished game, but a one aspect of the game consistently made me frustrated beyond belief. While I have no issues with a game providing challenges to a player, if I get frustrated to the point where I want to flip a table, the game is no longer fun. The point of this frustration stems from the fact that the game requires you to have very particular placement of objects. Even if you know how to beat the stage, you can still die trying or misplace an object and be forced to start over. If this happened too much I simply walked away from the game and came back to it later, but be prepared to have this game induce a least a little rage.

Overall, regardless of the frustrating points in the game, it is very well made and fun. The enchanting worlds, the charming cut scenes, the original gameplay and concept all make Snapshot a must-buy for any puzzle game lover.

Platform: PC
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Release Date: 8/30/2012
Developer: Retro Affect
Publisher: Retro Affect
ESRB Rating: N/A
MSRP: $9.99