Sep 11, 2012

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Life is Magic Preview

Life is Magic Preview

Life is Magic is being developed by Red Robot Labs, a mobile developer that has already had great success in the free to play mobile game space with their previous game, Life is Crime.

I was shown the game at PAX 2012, and they demonstrated how the mechanics of the game work. The game takes place in an alternate version of the world where there is magic, and is separated out into multiple regions. You have your own character in which you can level up, collect gear from dungeons, and level up your town, in in the case of the game, a tower.

As you progress through the game, you and your friends can contribute to a tower or compete against other players for a bit of a competitive angle to the game. You can make a visit to other regions and towns, forming up parties and such to contribute to your tower and others as well. To build up their wealth, power, and influence, players will be able to visit dungeons and fight off monsters. They can level up their character, get gold for their tower, and collect gear for their character.

Players have a choice of three class types in the game, each one with specific  advantages and abilities. There is the Mage, that can use fire and ice magic, the Monk that can use water, wood, and healing magic, and finally the Machinist that can use science and electricity.

The game has a bit of a social aspect in that you can connect with other players and friends, and help contribute to your tower. Messages can be exchanged between players publicly or privately, and you can also party up with other players and take them into your tower. The gameplay is all location based, so as you travel to other parts of the world, so does where you are able to play and level up.

I asked the founders if they had an plans to move beyond iOS and Android, such as supporting Windows Phone or desktop versions of theirs, and what they told me is that they are always exploring those options. But they will go where the user base it, and for right now their focus is Android and iOS.

Life Is Magic is set to come out later this fall, around October. There are also plans for a PVP mode that will later added to the game after launch.